I´m just a drummer.

------------------------------------------------------------------------Henrik WartelMy Hellgren Duo

My Hellgren-cello

Henrik Wartel-drums

BrÖtz Januari 16 2019

------------------------------------------------------------de Heney/Wartel/Johansson

Nina de Heney-bass

Henrik Wartel-drums

Karin Johansson-piano

BrÖtz december 6 2017



Signe Daklgreen-sax

Alfred Lorenius-bass

Henrik Wartel Drums



Jonny Wartel4tet

Jonny Wartel-sax, Karin Johansson-piano, Yasuhito Mori-bass,

Henrik Wartel-drums

BrÖtz Januari 27 2016


Lotsgatan 5 A

414 58 Göteborg



+46 708-627743

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Henrik Wartel Solo drums

BrÖtz November 26 2014


HoJ was formed on February 4, 1959, when Jonny was born and Henrik's two-year solo project was completed. Since then, the two musicians have collaborated in a variety of constellations, such as Tajphoon Tivoli and Position Alpha - two almost cult groups active in Gothenburg in the 1980s. Right now they are also together in the Jonny Wartel 4th and Urgent Call groups. The music is spontaneous and true.

Released June 3, 2017

Recorded live at Brötz



Nina de Heney-bass, Björn Almgren-sax Henrik Wartel-drums

Cd Dog Farm  recorded 9 jan 2009


Urgent Call

Jonny Wartel-sax, Georgia Collins Wartel-bass, Henrik Wartel-drums


Eje Thelin Group

Bass - Bronisław Suchanek, Drums - Henrik Wartel, Guitar - Arne Löthman, Piano - Steve Dobrogosz, Saxophone - Håkan Broström, Synthesizer - Harald Svensson, Trombone - Eje Thelin, Written-By - Eje Thelin

Jazz Jamboree '79. Polskie Nagrania Muza - SX 1865. Released: 1979, Poland. Recorded live at the Congress Hall - October 1979 .

--------------------------------------------------------------Eje Thelin Group

Eje Thelin-trombone, Harald Svensson-keyboard, Arne Löthman-guitar, Henrik Wartel-drums, Tomaz Östergren-bass, HP Andersson-sax,

Okay Temiz-percussion

Recorded at Sveriges Radio 1977


Wonka Live

Gunnar Backman-gitarr

Anders Berg-bass

Henrik Wartel-drums

Live In Schärding Austria 2013

Cd Wonka Liva@Tolita 2010


Wennerström Larsson Explicity

Cecilia wennerström-baritone sax, Sven Larsson-trombon, Filip Augustson-bass Henrik Wartel-drums

Cd Tussilago recorded May 28-29 2011


Cecilia Wennerström Quartet

Cecilia Wennerström-baritone sax, Ann Blom-piano, Filip Augustsson-bass, Henrik Wartel-drums

Cd Minor Stomp recroded June 5-6 1997


Spår Arne Forsén-piano, Solveig Hiestand-painting, Henrik Wartel-drums Fylkingen June 2005



Erik Nordström-saxophone, Per Ödberg-guitar, Johan Örtlund-double bass

Henrik Wartel-drums

Bunkern 2014



Mikael Godée-sopranosax, loops, electronics, Henrik Wartel-drums,

Anders Augustsson-guitar

Bunkern 2012


Triple Heater

Roland Keijser-sax, PeterJanson-bass, Henrik Wartel-drums

Cd Tallars Tal recorded 1989



Gunnar Backman-guitar, Henrik Wartel-drums

Recorded 1999



Lisa Ekdahl

Lisa Ekdahl-vocal,Tommy Koverhult-tenorsax, Peter Nordahl-piano,  Patrik Boman-bass, Henrik Wartel-drums

Recorded 1998


Mikael Ramel med Harru Lust

Mikael Ramel: vocal & guitar, Henrik Jansson: guitar, Erik Westin: bass,

Henrik Wartel: drums, Nils Landgren: trombon

TV 1983